Notes from Exile – Day 7

We are finding out who takes this seriously and who does not; who wants to help and who does not; who sees this as an opportunity to advance their own agenda and whose view is more focused on the good of all. I’m not calling out any groups or individuals, as my opinions may be …

Station X: Jesus is stripped of his garments

We found ourselves naked, but in your infinite love you reclothed us with the dignity of sons and daughters of God and of his sanctifying grace.

Notes from Exile – Day 4

Settling in.  That’s how it feels as I work on settling into a routine.  The only problem is that there is nothing routine about this, as we react to news and events that change almost instantaneously. I think the key to this is to sort out what needs to happen now versus what can wait …

Station IX: Jesus falls for the third time under the weight of the Cross

From the moment of his Incarnation, Jesus carries the Cross of human suffering and sin. He