St. Robert Bellarmine

Today is the memorial of St. Robert Bellarmine, SJ, Doctor of the Church. Brilliant man, defender of the Church.  “His most famous work is his three-volume Disputations on the Controversies of the Christian Faith. Particularly noteworthy are the sections on the temporal power of the pope and the role of the laity. Bellarmine incurred the anger […]

Why fundraising is not stewardship

Reprinted from The Message, Southwestern Indiana’s Catholic Community Newspaper Last we left, dear reader, we were engaged in a discussion regarding a pastoral letter issued by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1992: “Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response.” Part of this discussion focused on the idea that when we equate fundraising to stewardship, there is […]

St. Gregory the Great

There is a lot we know about St. Gregory the Great, a broad overview of which is seen in the passage below from a wonderful website called One thing it does not tell us is that virtually all we know about the life and history of St. Benedict, Father of Western Monasticism and Patron […]