Leaf Peeping

Brown County State Park, Indiana

This is our second autumn in Indiana, and it’s really beautiful.

I always thought Wyoming autumns were glorious, and I still do. There is something very special about an Indian summer day catching the gold of the aspen leaves quaking in the breeze. The cool nights and warm days create a most enjoyable contrast.

Indiana autumn is quite different. The vast hardwood forests and the seas of corn and bean covered farmland create a cacophony of colors and textures that leave one’s senses reeling in their beauty.

God’s hand is evident in the environment. To declare it simply an accident of nature, as some do, is to simply ignore the obvious. Fall offers hope, a drawing on our emotional savings account taken from the surplus of the summer. The magnificent colors that surround us steel and fill our souls for the winter, when the cold and dark want to rob us of our joy.

We had intended to travel back to Wyoming to visit our family but had our plans waylaid by the continuing pandemic. Instead, we spent six days in Brown County, Indiana, giving glory to God for the palette placed before us.

While the weather was cool and rainy, it did not diminish the the fact that we do, indeed, live amidst stunning proof that God loves us.

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