March 17, 2020

Not quite as catchy as The Gulag Archipelago, is it?  But Solzhenitsyn was an artist with words.  I’m not.

I went home from work today, St. Patrick’s Day.  No front page news, there.  But this was different, because I won’t be going back for a while. 

No, I’m not sick.  Nobody in the office that I know of is sick. Yet here I am, in self-imposed exile with the only intention of continuing my unsickness.    

In all the reading, listening, and experiencing the worldwide concerns about the coronavirus, there appears to be at least one thing that almost everyone agrees with:

  1. People over 60 are at a higher risk of a debilitating reaction to this bug.
  2. People who have compromised immune systems are, too.

There you have it, as I check those two boxes.  I can’t help the over 60 part, as it is a consequence of living into my 7th decade.  The immune system concern comes from medication I take to combat a health condition.

Which leaves me here at my dining room table pecking away at this keyboard in an attempt at keeping contact with the rest of the world. 

It was weird leaving the office today, carrying two briefcases full of stuff that I thought I might need for the next month or so.  I didn’t want to stop by everyone’s cube / office and say goodbye, like I was riding off into the sunset.  So I just wandered out, saying goodbye to the few people I met as I headed to the door.

Once outside, it made me think of a rock falling into the mud, where suddenly there is a big hole and then the mud flows back, covering the rock, and nobody is the wiser that the rock was ever there.

That sounds so fatalistic and final.  Sad, really. 

Except that this isn’t the end.  I’m just shifting operations for a while, until the world is healed.

Well, maybe not that long…

At least until I don’t feel terrified of getting really, really ill any time soon. 

For now, I will be using my cell phone, laptop, email, blog, social media, text messaging, and whatever else I need to use to stay in touch. 

Thanks be to God for technology!  As much as we curse it, it is now showing its usefulness.  Without it, working from home for me – and thousands of others – would be impossible. 

This isn’t exactly the gulag.  Not a lot of suffering going on here, just some inconvenience.  I’ll keep you up to date.

In the meantime, take some time to pray the Stations of the Cross with me.  You can follow along here.

Adieu.  Keep healthy. Say your prayers.

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