Wisdom Day

I was recently introduced to an event that has been a staple of the Diocese of Evansville for many years.  It’s called “Wisdom Day” and it is held in cities across the diocese.  This year, the first Wisdom Day was held in Huntingburg, followed with one in Vincennes on October 28, then in Evansville on November 4. 

Participants heard from Bishop Siegel; our COO, Tim McGuire; Sr. Anita Louise Lowe, the Prioress at the Benedictine Abbey at St. Ferdinand; and yours truly.  We were entertained by a group of five girls, sisters, who sang traditional Gospel music, some Irish songs, and some contemporary pieces.  Their harmonies were outstanding and it was a delight to listen to them.

Wisdom Day is specifically aimed at retired folks, as it is held from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. A very nice lunch is part of the package. 

Bishop Siegel noted, and I concur, that most of the wisdom in that room came from those who were at the tables.  I wish it were possible to add up the number of years of experience in Church matters represented by attendees.  With 200+ participants, that number would easily reach into the tens of thousands.  That’s an awful lot of Church knowledge and Wisdom for the ages.

Many thanks to all those who participated.  Special thanks to Eric Girten, our Director of Family Life for coordinating the event.

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