I know this is a blog about the Diocese of Evansville, yet here I am calling this entry “Kentucky.” Let me tell you why.

When I was attending St. Johns Catholic School in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we were given an assignment to find out about state other than Wisconsin. I chose Kentucky, as I was fascinated with Daniel Boone and wilderness of all sorts. For me, in my sheltered world, Kentucky was wilderness.

Those were the days before Google was a word. Our search engine was a book that had “Encylopedia Britannica” written on the cover. I discovered Frankfort was the capitol of Kentucky and sent a self addressed stamped envelope to some bureaucrat there and asked for help in preparing my paper.

They sent back some tourist information, a map, and other interesting things. I read every word of the printed material and vowed to visit Kentucky some day.

Here we are in 2019, some 50+ years later, and I have been to Kentucky three times in the last three months!

Two of those times were to attend retreats at the Mt. St. Joseph retreat center near Owensboro, run by a group of Ursuline sisters. This is a lovely place with a long and fascinating history. On the grounds is a cemetery, the final resting spot for sisters and priests from many years past who called the place their home.

The Ursuline sisters are models of stewardship. They care for the grounds and buildings of the center as though they were gifts from God Himself, which of course they are. More so, the sisters have given their very lives in service to the Lord and the People of God. They are true disciples of Jesus Christ.

That’s what stewardship is.

If you get a chance to visit Mt. St. Joseph, you should do so. You can see for yourself the benefits of living a stewardship life.

Cemetery at Mt. St. Joseph

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